Non-Ex Equipment Encapsulation

Regulatory requirements

Australian electrical regulations require electrical equipment in hazardous areas, including temporary equipment, to be Ex certified. If you’re responsible for sourcing maintenance or repair equipment, you know it’s often challenging, and at times impossible, to find appropriately certified equipment.

If Ex certified equipment isn’t obtainable and non-Ex certified equipment must be used, AS/NZS 60079-14 states that a documented risk management program must be implemented – and a hot work permit shall be issued for the use of the equipment.

Enhance your risk management program

Our pressurised habitat system can enhance your risk management program by encapsulating non-Ex equipment, making it safe to use in hazardous areas and helping you reduce the risk of explosive atmosphere ignition to ALARP.

We’ve used our versatile habitats to encapsulate and protect generators, compressors, heaters, pumps, oil polishing equipment, field equipment rooms, insulation injection skids and a wide range of other non-certified maintenance equipment.

If you’re facing a maintenance or repair challenge in a hazardous area, our team can help to design an equipment encapsulation system to manage your risks, and let you focus on project execution.