Hot Work Management

Managing risk – it’s what we do

Hot work is one of the most high-risk activities on a live facility where flammable gases are present. If you work on one of these facilities, the risk of loss of containment and ignition of explosive atmospheres are never far from your mind.

Our team has spent countless hours managing hot work projects. It’s what we do. We understand the risks and have the products and people to control them.

A complete service

We install temporary, modular, pressurised habitats around hot work sites to contain ignition sources, exclude flammable gas and control the risk of fire or explosion. We can help you select from our range of Ex certified rental products, including lighting, power distribution and air-conditioning equipment to support your hot work projects safely.

Our project management and support team work with you to understand your project requirements and can help design a tailored solution. Calling on a great depth of experience, we can assist with all aspects of your project, including HAZIDs, risk assessments, schedule planning, work pack content, documentation and compliance, temporary equipment inspections, logistics, HR, HSEQ, contracts, procurement, and execution.

More than a product

A habitat is only as good as the people installing and operating it – and we pride ourselves on having the best people and processes. Our habitat technicians are specialist hot work managers with a wealth of experience and support behind them. They can install the cleverly designed Safehouse habitat panel system in a limitless range of configurations around almost any work site – and manage the worksite to ensure conditions remain safe.

Our people integrate with your team, understand your requirements, processes and systems and can help plan and execute your projects safely and efficiently. Our experience, commitment to safety and focus make complex projects seem easy.