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We keep you and your people safe

Hazardous areas are commonly found on industrial facilities around flammable substances capable of creating an explosive atmosphere. If you work in one of these facilities, the risk of loss of containment and ignition of an explosive atmosphere is never far from your mind.

To keep you and everyone in the facility safe, electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA) must be specially designed and installed and undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it doesn’t introduce an ignition source.

An engineered control like our range of portable IECEx certified electrical equipment is the most effective and efficient way to manage ignition risks in hazardous areas and protect your most valuable asset – your people.

Maintain compliance

Most Australian state and territory regulations require that electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas be selected in accordance with AS/NZS 60079-14 ‘Explosive atmospheres, Part 14: Design selection, erection and initial inspection’. The standard states that portable or transportable electrical equipment used in a hazardous area shall meet the appropriate equipment protection level (EPL). In essence, if you are responsible for bringing temporary electrical equipment into a hazardous area in Australia, to comply with regulations, you must ensure it is Ex certified and appropriately rated for the specific location.

The standards state that if Ex certified equipment isn’t obtainable, and non-Ex certified equipment is used, a documented risk management program shall be implemented, including training, procedures and controls and a hot work permit shall be issued for the use of the equipment. When Ex certified equipment isn’t an option, our pressurised habitats can enhance your risk management program by encapsulating non-Ex equipment, providing ignition source control and ensuring risks are ALARP.

For most applications, our range of IECEx certified portable electrical equipment is a simple, safe, and cost-effective way to maintain regulatory compliance, free up resources and maintain productivity on your next hazardous area project.

How we can help

Sourcing specialist equipment required for safe operation in hazardous areas can be challenging – the complex specifications, regulations and certification schemes, long lead times, and high purchase costs can make procurement time-consuming and difficult.

Our experienced team of engineers, hazardous area electrical experts, HSEQ specialists, and project, commercial and logistics managers can help you select the right equipment, ensure all inspection and documentation requirements are met and deliver it on time – letting you focus on project planning and execution.

Our unrivalled inventory of portable IECEx certified equipment in Perth and Darwin is designed to create safety, maximise productivity and ensure compliance on your next hazardous area project. It includes air conditioning units, lighting, power distribution systems, ventilation equipment, pressurised habitats and bespoke solutions.