Confined Space Entry

Safe, complete, and compliant solutions

We offer a wide range of products to maximise safety and maintain productivity on your confined space entry projects in hazardous areas. Our team understands the requirements of AS 2865 ‘Confined spaces’ and can help design an equipment solution to ensure compliance.

Pressurised habitats for hot work and enhanced access

Our habitats can be used for confined space projects to ensure work areas remain pressurised, ventilated and safe. Designed to manage explosion risks when hot work or non-Ex certified equipment must be used, our habitat system can be sealed to confined space openings and prevent the escape of ignition sources and the ingress of flammable gas.

The versatile habitat system can be sealed to confined space entry points to provide an air-lock door entry system and an effective alternative ventilation method to running ducting through manways. This ensures access and escape routes are maintained – keeping them clear when it matters most.

Air conditioning, ventilation and lighting

Low air movement, poor visibility, high temperatures and humidity in confined spaces make them uncomfortable places to work. Airborne contaminants, oxygen depletion, and hazardous gases are common threats to health and safety. We can help make confined spaces comfortable and safe.

Our portable IECEx air conditioners, ventilation fans, venturi air movers and FRAS ducting can be used for cooling, purging vessels and general air movement. Our range of IECEx certified lighting is ideal for confined spaces and is fully compliant with the requirements of AS 2865.

Safe power distribution

When you need to conduct work in a confined space and need power, our range of Ex certified power distribution equipment helps you do it safely.

Our IECEx certified single-phase splitter boxes and 3-phase distribution boards are suitable for use in explosive gas atmospheres and feature RCD protection. Our Ex certified extension leads are constructed with heavy-duty cabling that complies with the requirements of AS/NZS 3191 – keeping your people safe and ensuring compliance with AS 2865 ‘Confined spaces’.

If you have a confined space entry project in hazardous areas or where an explosive atmosphere may develop, our experienced team can design a complete equipment solution to protect your people.