Atmospheric Management

Corrosion under insulation inspection environments

Insulated pipes and vessels often have issues with undetected corrosion forming under the insulation layer. This is particularly problematic with cryogenic systems. When exposed to air, surfaces with sub-zero operating temperatures very quickly become covered in ice, making inspection and maintenance almost impossible.

Isolating parts of the process to enable inspection work to be carried out at ambient temperature is often impractical, prohibitively expensive, or both.

Combined with our high-performance dehumidification and IECEx air-conditioning units, our pressurised habitats can create an ultra-dry atmosphere around live cryogenic pipes and vessels and prevent or slow ice formation – allowing you to carry out inspection and maintenance campaigns without shutting down process.

Dehumidification for coatings

Coatings for industrial applications must be applied within a specific range of atmospheric conditions. ‘In spec’ conditions can be difficult to achieve in tropical or cold and wet environments, particularly where humidity levels are high – productivity suffers, and costs add up.

Our portable IECEx certified air conditioning units and dehumidification systems can help overcome this problem by allowing work areas to be encapsulated and atmospheric conditions controlled, providing constant ‘in spec’ time – keeping your people working and your maintenance campaign on schedule.

Controlled environments for bus duct repairs

Bus ducts in industrial facilities often fail due to resins being poured in incorrect atmospheric conditions. Our habitats and IECEx air conditioners ensure that work is carried out in controlled environments and is always conducted ‘in spec’.

Heat mitigation

Australia’s northern climate, combined with radiant and convective heat from process often makes for uncomfortable working conditions. Occasionally, extreme heat can pose a serious risk to the health and safety of personnel. Engineered solutions can be the only answer when this risk cannot be eliminated due to operational constraints.

We offer a range of innovative heat mitigation solutions, including custom insulated encapsulations, Ex certified portable air conditioning units and IECEx certified ventilation equipment – all designed to protect your people and maintain productivity.