Leveraging our extensive experience working in the oil & gas sector, we deliver tailored safety solutions to the petrochemical and downstream processing industries.

Our pressurised habitats and specialist IECEx certified portable electrical equipment are consistently used for mitigating risk, creating safety and enhancing productivity in hazardous areas on various brownfields and maintenance projects.

For people working in industries where potentially explosive atmospheres exist, safety is a way of life – it’s our way of life too. Our range of products and services can help protect your people when it matters most.

Reduce shutdowns

We understand that every shutdown day is a day of lost production. Our habitat service has been developed over the past two decades to help you reduce your shutdown periods. We achieve this by creating a safe area of work within a potentially explosive atmosphere, allowing work that would otherwise be completed in shutdown to be safely conducted while your facility remains in production.

Increase productivity

Our services create safety and maintain productivity. Our habitats can be paired with our IECEx certified air conditioners in high-temperature areas to create cool working environments, providing an engineered control to mitigate heat stress and fatigue. This has the added benefit of reducing heat rest breaks and eliminating the need to frequently rotate work crews.

Reduce hot work permits and costs

Regulations in most Australian states and territories require non-certified electrical equipment used in hazardous areas be paired with an ignition risk management program and hot work permit. This often includes standby personnel and continual gas monitoring – an ineffective and inefficient risk control strategy. Our IECEx certified portable electrical equipment eliminates this need; it’s safe to use in explosive atmospheres, requires no permit or monitoring and is fully compliant with AS/NZS (IEC) 60079-14.

Our range of IECEX certified portable ventilation, lighting, power distribution or air conditioning equipment will reduce your costs by eliminating time spent preparing and managing hot work permits and freeing up standby personnel to carry on with more productive tasks.

If you’re planning inspection, maintenance, repair or upgrade work in a hazardous area in your petrochemical facility, get in touch to discuss how we can help you maintain compliance, ensure safety and maximise productivity.