We provide specialist safety services for the clean fuel of the future.

Hydrogen is quickly emerging as a front runner to become the clean fuel of the future, and Australia is primed to be a world leader in this exciting industry. As promising as hydrogen is for Australia’s energy future, it’s also extremely volatile and difficult to contain – loss of containment can create easily ignitable explosive atmospheres.

Maintaining zero incidents

A key challenge for the hydrogen industry is educating the public about its safety as an energy source. If hydrogen is to truly become the fuel of the future, the industry cannot afford any incidents. For this reason, it’s critical the highest safety standards are applied. This includes ensuring any electrical equipment used in hazardous areas complies with the requirements of AS/NZS (IEC) 60079-14.

We can help mitigate explosion risks and maintain your safety record by managing ignition sources on your facilities.

Portable electrical equipment for hydrogen atmospheres

Safehouse portable electrical equipment is safe for use in areas where explosive hydrogen atmospheres may develop. We offer a wide range of electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA) with IIB+H2 or IIC gas group IECEx certification.

Pressurised habitats for hot work

Our pressurised habitats and hot work management service has been developed and proven in the LNG sector over the past two decades. We create a safe area for hot work within a potentially explosive atmosphere, allowing maintenance or repair work, which would otherwise be completed in shutdown, to be safely conducted while your facility remains in production.

Innovative solutions

Like any growing industry, hydrogen production will face new challenges. Overcoming these will require innovative solutions. If explosive atmospheres are involved, our team of industry-leading experts can design and manufacture bespoke rental solutions to control your risks and make your sites more productive.

Whether it is air conditioning, power distribution, lighting, ventilation or a bespoke solution, we have the right equipment to ensure work in the hydrogen industry is carried out safely and in compliance with national standards.