Innovative Solution – GenGuard®

In early 2023 to meet the requirements of a change management order of one of our clients, we were asked if we could design, manufacture, and supply a gas detection shutdown system that could integrate with the emergency stop (E-stop) circuit on diesel-powered or non-Ex electrical equipment required to be used in, or close to, a zoned hazardous area. The brief was for this system to automatically shut down all non-Ex equipment upon local gas detection or facility alarm – eliminating the need for a standby person stationed at the equipment.

The challenge

Our customer required us to design, develop and manufacture 40 of these units and needed them delivered and installed on site within a 3-month window.

Our approach

We worked closely with our sister company, Inlex, to liaise with our customer to ensure the design and end-product met their strict requirements. We worked with OEM companies around the world to source specialist components as soon as possible. We flew team members to Singapore to ensure components would be delivered on time and to IECEx standards, before air freighting to Australia.

Our solution

Once components were assembled in our Darwin facility, we delivered to the finished GenGuard® product to our customer and began the installation. Our sister company Inlex, Australia’s only IECEx certified Inspection & Maintenance facility, conducted the installation on site. Carrying out the work to the highest of standards, and working in conjunction our customer’s main contractor, we were able to execute the install with no delays on site. Everything was completed on time without any incidents or injuries.

The results

The number of GenGuard’s® installed at this one site continues to grow, delivering safety for people and assets, while increasing productivity. The success of the product has grown, with this particular customer now utilising the units across other groups within their business.

Client testimonial

“I am nominating the SAFEHOUSE/INLEX team for the [Customer] Australia Contractor Award for HSE Performance Vendor – for their excellent support and contribution to not only the C&I team but [Customer Facility], for the development and implementation of the GenGuard® equipment, the team worked tirelessly to design and develop this critical safety device (auto shutdown device) for non-Ex equipment in direct collaboration with the onshore electrical engineering team, demonstrating and exceeding the core [Customer] values of Safety, Ingenuity and Collaboration. This equipment is now able to be utilised for all departments on each facility where use of non-Ex equipment is required. Post installation support has been excellent training and mentoring the [Main Contractor] techs on the purpose and operation of the equipment.”

— C&I Execution Team Lead acting for a major Oil & Gas customer in Australia.


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