IECEx Air-Conditioned 20′ DNV Container Rental

The climate in northern Australia can be harsh, especially when you’re 225km off the coast.

When mobilising equipment, it’s essential to ensure that it’s fit-for-purpose and protected from hot, humid conditions and the marine environment. Critical safety equipment can be particularly susceptible to these harsh conditions and needs careful storage and preservation to ensure it’s ready to keep people safe when it matters most.

The challenge

We were contacted by one of the world’s largest oil and gas producers just three weeks prior to their planned turnaround on an offshore LNG facility – they were in urgent need of an IECEx certified zone 1 air-conditioned 20′ DNV offshore shipping container to protect breathing apparatus and rescue equipment from the elements.

At Safehouse we love a challenge, we always deliver, and we make complex problems seem easy.

Our approach

Relying on our diverse team of experts, we worked closely with our client and their subcontractors to understand the project requirements and immediately set to work sourcing a 20′ DNV certified shipping container – a significant challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our engineering team and hazardous area electrical specialists in our sister company Inlex designed IECEx certified lighting, air-conditioning, and power distribution systems.

Our solution

Our in-house teams called on our range of specialist suppliers to procure all components for the bespoke build. We installed a purpose-built IECEx certified 4kW air conditioner into the modified DNV offshore container, along with an IECEx certified lighting and power distribution system. The container was lined with insulation panels to ensure internal temperature remained at or below the specified 25°C, and we fabricated bespoke racks to securely store breathing apparatus equipment.


The results

We successfully turned around the project in under three weeks, from enquiry to delivery. Our customer opted for a cost-effective rental option and was able to mobilise their critical safety equipment and store it in ideal conditions, enhancing compliance and ensuring it was ready for use when they needed it most.


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