Bespoke IECEx Toilet Block Rental

LNG facilities are large, complex areas – transit to and from worksites can take up to an hour or more each day. When the travel downtime of hundreds of workers adds up, it can cost operators hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in lost productivity.

The challenge

With ablution facilities a 15-minute walk each way from the worksite, our client in northern Australia had identified that toilet breaks alone were costing them one hour a day per worker.
The challenge our client faced was that typical transportable toilet facilities containing non-Ex certified electrical equipment pose a flammable gas ignition risk and can only be placed in non-hazardous areas.

Safehouse was tasked with designing a solution that could be placed close to the worksite and minimise the daily transit downtime. In addition to the hazardous area electrical requirements, the temporary buildings needed to come complete with Section 40 design and construction certificates, be cyclone-rated and meet all other relevant building codes.

Our approach

Our in-house engineering teams, hazardous area electrical experts and project management team worked with our client to understand the project requirements, design and install the electrical systems and manage the project delivery.

Our solution

A self-contained demountable ablution block with integrated water supply and waste tanks was built to our specification. The hazardous area electrical experts in our sister company Inlex designed and installed IECEx certified lighting, power distribution, water and waste pump, and specialist alarm systems.

The results

The units are on long term rental with our customer, and they have been able to move them around their site freely – placing them wherever work activities are concentrated. Section 40 compliance ensured the units are cyclone-resistant and the IECEx documentation dossiers we provided allowed them to be placed in zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas while enabling our client to maintain compliance.

Our customer has reported a significant increase in productivity since the units have been in service – saving them time, reducing costs, and ensuring the safety and comfort of their people.


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