Pressurised Habitat Systems

At Safehouse we understand ignition risks in explosive atmospheres better than anyone, we live them every day, and we’ve made it our mission to control them.

Pressurised (Hot Work) Habitats

If you work in an industry where potentially explosive atmospheres exist, you know that safety is a way of life. When you’re at work, the risk of ignition sources in hazardous areas is never far from your mind.

Our temporary, flexible, and modular pressurised habitats are designed to manage ignition sources. Our team can install our habitats around hot work sites or non-Ex certified equipment anywhere in hazardous areas to ensure ignition sources and explosive atmospheres never meet – and you can rest easy.

Safehouse habitats operate on the simple principles of containment and pressurisation – to keep the sparks in and flammable gas out. Sparks and hot surfaces generated by electrical equipment or hot work are contained by the sealed habitat enclosure. In the unlikely event of a flammable gas release in the surrounding area, the habitat pressurisation system creates a barrier to gas ingress – preventing ignition and protecting your people and assets.

Our habitats are equipped with specialised safety systems designed to monitor flammable gas concentration and habitat pressure and to make conditions safe automatically should hazards arise.

Perfectly paired with our range of portable IECEx certified lighting, ventilation, power distribution and air conditioning equipment, our pressurised habitats form part of a complete hot work management system – ready to make your next complex project seem easy.

Scout and Sentinel®

The newest additions to our family of habitat equipment, the Scout and Sentinel® are the core of the habitat safety system and are the product of many years of experience and thousands of hours of R&D. They are an evolution of our legacy gas sensing modules and feature many design improvements.

The units work together to monitor flammable gas concentration in the habitat air supply and will automatically isolate it and alert personnel if gas is detected, allowing your most valuable asset – your people, to vacate the worksite safely. The system offers class-leading response time, ensuring risks are maintained at ALARP.

Featuring exceptionally reliable, maintenance-free IR gas detection technology, innovative Australian design and meticulous high-quality construction, the Scout and Sentinel® are our dependable front line of defence.

Our people are our greatest asset

A habitat is only as good as the people installing and operating it – and we pride ourselves on having the best people and processes. Our habitat technicians are specialist hot work managers, with a wealth of experience and support behind them. They can install the cleverly designed Safehouse habitat panel system in a limitless range of configurations around almost any work site.

Our project management and support team will work with you to understand your project requirements and can help design a tailored solution. Calling on a great depth of experience, we can assist with all aspects of your project including HAZIDs, risk assessments, schedule planning, documentation and compliance, temporary equipment inspections, logistics, HR, HSEQ, contracts, procurement, and execution.

Our people are our greatest asset and they’re at the heart of our habitat system. Their commitment, diligence and experience are what bring it all together and create the safety you can count on for your next project.