To manage ignition risks introduced by non-Ex plant and equipment in hazardous areas, a standard approach has been to dedicate a ‘standby person’ to continuously monitor and shut down the equipment in response to gas detection or facility alarms. Common examples include diesel generators, pumps and compressors. The GenGuard® offers a safe, automated alternative and is designed to enhance ignition risk mitigation programs in potentially explosive atmospheres.

After installation by a qualified electrician, the unit integrates with the emergency stop (E-stop) circuit on diesel-powered or non-Ex electrical equipment and will automatically shut it down upon local gas detection or facility alarm – eliminating the need for a standby person stationed at the equipment.

The GenGuard® connects to most common area gas detectors (for example, Dräger X-zone®) via an intrinsically safe connection cable. A facility 230VAC power supply may also be optionally connected to act as a facility alarm shutdown signal. If either the connected local area gas detection or facility supply triggers an alarm, equipment connected to the GenGuard® will be automatically shut down.

Multiple area gas detectors may be configured in a wireless fenceline to provide an extended wide area protection network.

The GenGuard® enables you to reduce ignition risks associated with diesel-powered and non-Ex electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres to ALARP, effectively and efficiently, while reducing your project costs.