Ex Certified Ventilation

Effective ventilation is critical to maintaining safety and productivity in confined spaces, high temperature areas or where airborne contaminants may be present. Our team can help you select from our range of portable Ex certified fans, venturi cone air movers and a range of flame-retardant, anti-static (FRAS) ducting to build a safe and effective temporary ventilation system for your next hazardous area project.

Ex Certified Ventilation Products

Tank & Vessel Fans

Our pneumatic jet fans are extra heavy duty and can deliver up to 27,415m3/hour of free air flow. They are

Ex Certified Electric Fans

Our most popular air movers, the 300mm and 400mm portable IECEx certified electric fans, are a powerful and reliable hazardous

FRAS Ducting

Our range of antistatic, flame retardant, and flexible ducting has been developed to withstand the harshest conditions, is manufactured to

Venturi Cones

Our pneumatic venturi cones are simple, powerful, and highly effective ventilation devices. They are perfect for moving air in confined

Pneumatic Fans

Lightweight, portable, and efficient, our pneumatic fans can deliver up to 3240m3/hour – ideal for moving large volumes of air